The Truth Inside

by Milton Suggs

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This, the fourth album from Milton Suggs, is a collection of music written and arranged from 2012-2015. Feel good tempos and a soulful, honest expression in the Black American Music tradition.


released September 23, 2016

Milton Suggs - vocals | synths (track 4)
Willerm Delisfort - piano | rhodes
Jonathan Edward Thomas - organ
Eric Wheeler - bass
Jeremy Bean Clemons - drums
Brevan Hampden - percussion
Marquis Hill - trumpet (track 2, 6, 7, 10)
Etienne Charles - trumpet (track 6)
JS Williams - trumpet (track 11)
Christopher McBride - alto saxophone
Wycliffe Gordon - trombone (track 2)
Corey Wallace - trombone (tracks 2, 7, 10, 11)

Mixed by Jeremy Bean Clemons
Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito
Recorded at Tedesco Studios (Paramus, NJ)


all rights reserved


Track Name: Daddy's Song
I remember the song my daddy used to sing
It was a soulful tune
He sang it when he woke in the morning first thing
And in the afternoon
He sang it in the evening time
Before he went to bed
And now that I've become a man
It stays within my head

I remember the song my daddy used to sing
In both good times and bad
When the world failed to supply all of his needs
It was the only thing he had
He sang it when the sun would shine
He sang it through the rain
His voice would give us peace of mind
And ease all of our pain
That song he would sing.

It was a song of a man
Who did the best that he could / Who knew just from where he came
He gave his love / He held his head up high
The way a real man should / Without any shame
and whenever folks would try to bring him down
He’d keep on singing
twice as loud

Although daddy's gone, that song lingers on
and his voice sounds just like mine
and when I wake up every day and go on my way
I know he's with me every time.
Maybe there will come a day
When my son will hear this tune
And when he asks me why I sing
I'll say it's what daddy used to do
And he’ll be singing it too.
Track Name: Corner of the World
I will carve out a place
Somewhere this side of space
Where the two of us can let our love unfurl

Where we can feel something real/And with this love that we feel
All of time will sit still
In our own little corner of the world

The water will be clean
The grass forever green
And we’ll be darkened as the sky’s kissed by the sun

Sweet love will be made
While the trees provide the shade
In our own little corner of the world
In our own little corner of the world

A place of only peace
where no one else can reach
no mater how they try they’ll seek but never find

There’s no limit to the view
Waiting there for me and you
The more we’re bound to see the higher that we climb

Does it really exist
Or is it just a simple wish
From a man who’s always been a dreamer at his heart

But it’s the way I really feel
And so I vow to make it real
And you will feel it too right from the very start
In our own little corner of the world

A place of only peace
Where there’s tension, we’ll release
The energy we need to ease both of our minds

Before each night is through
I will give my all to you
Making sure you’re never left unsatisfied

When you’re ready to go
You just have to let me know
I will take you to the place I have in store

Paradise is ours to cease
We will never have to leave
Everything we need is there and so much more
Our own little corner of the world
Track Name: Away From Love
When I look I see a sadness deep within your eyes
Reflections of the love you had before I arrived
There are those at times in this life who will try to steal your shine
But a light as bright as yours no amount of dark can hide.

You say it might, take some time for you to trust again
But you’ll be surprised when you decide to let me in
Baby, tell me…

What did he do to you to make you run away from love?
What did he say to make you stray so far away from love?
How can I prove to you it’s true, it’s not a game my love?
What can I say today to make you stay and take my love?

When I hold you close you feel my heart beat next to yours
So when I’m hurt you should know my heart bleeds just like yours
Understand you’re not alone, I’ve been there before
So when the past comes calling please be sure you can endure

I believe that I can be the one to set you free
If only you’d choose to believe in me
So tell me…

What did he do to you to make you run away from love?
What did he say to make you stray so far away from love?
How can I prove to you it’s true, it’s not a game my love?
What can I say today to make you stay and take my love?
Track Name: To Be Free (feat. Christopher McBride)
What’s it mean
To be free
In a world where love is held in such captivity

How can we
Truly see
A new way to live when we ignore reality

I want to know
Where we can go
Where we can feel
Something that’s real

A place and time
Of peace of mind
And if we truly seek maybe we’ll find

A new home
For the heart
So that we can bring together what was miles apart

A new way
A new start
A new light to shine and help us emerge from the dark

I want to know
Where can we go
I want to see
What we will be

As time goes by
And if we’ll find
That all that holds us back is only in our minds
And when love’s allowed to live again then and only then will we know what it means to be free.
Track Name: Away Too Long
Living in the past will bring you nothing but regret
The longer that you stay away the sooner you’ll forget
About the blessings of the present and the life that we have built
You can’t hold on to love if you are holding on to guilt

I feel you growing distant, more with every passing day.
I’ve tried to make it better but I don’t know what to say
You say you need some space and time, I guess I understand
I f I cannot change your mind, I’ll still do the best I can
But don’t stay away too long…
Please find a way to make your way back home

We all have our issues that we’re trying to figure out
Until you search your heart and soul there will always be that doubt
Of what you might have been or had or did if you had tried
Until you reconcile your past you won’t be satisfied

You have a man who loves you, but I guess it’s not enough
Will you be fit to handle it when the road we’re on gets rough?
So take some time to think it over, really think it through
And when you’ve found your answers I’ll be waiting here for you
But don’t stay away too long…
Please find a way to make your way back home

The love I thought we shared is now a game of hide and seek
I try to touch your heart but it is always out of reach
I wish that I could make you see you have all that you need
But what good are my words if you choose not to believe

I feel you slipping far away to where I do not know
If you need to leave for a while I’ll sadly let you go
Before you walk on out that door make sure you take your key
But that those locks will be the same I cannot guarantee
So don’t stay away too long…
When you come back then I just might be gone
Track Name: Till Tomorrow (feat. Larry Brown, Jr.)
Close Your Eyes
Follow Me
Close Your Eyes
So you may see
All That Lies
In the Deep
Of the night
Drift to sleep

Far away we’ll go
To a place unknown
Just enjoy the show
Til tomorrow

Relax your mind
And you’ll find that time will take control
Grab a hold of the reigns
Your chariot awaits to carry you away

Far away we’ll be
In a place that’s free
From responsibility
Drift to sleep
Track Name: A Prayer
A prayer for understanding
A prayer for inner peace
A prayer for peace of mind
So that fear and doubt will cease

A prayer for sense of purpose
For courage to act
A prayer for moving forward
While also looking back

A prayer for strength and power
A prayer for wisdom too
So when it comes time to use them
I will know just what to do
For you who knows the answers
To show me the way
Every day, these things I prayer

Finally I know, I see the cause is infinitely bigger than me
The call I’m hearing and trying to heed is more important than I could ever be
The vision and mission of which I’m apart is far greater than I’ll ever hope to see
And as I travel hopefully this very road will lead me to the understanding of the me I’m supposed to be
Every note I write, every word I say, every melody and harmony I play
Is dedicated to the truth inside
That it may resound out loud and bring to life a light that’s shining bright that’s right inside us all
Inciting a desire in those great and small to stand tall, forsake their fear open their ears to hear and answer the call
No time to waste in states of complacency, ‘cause when we look at the news every day we see the faces of our people erased by the state police
Its way too late to be singing so plaintively how we shall overcome someday if we wait and see if Jesus is gonna free us and save us and take us away from this misery

That’s never been the answer to our situation
What have we learned since our so called emancipation?
You can’t be given rights, you just have to take ‘em
Make ‘em believe the truth of what you say
For everything we receive there’s a price to pay
And if we walk united we’re gonna find our way to a brighter day
As the war is waged may we be sure to say.