Things To Come

by Milton Suggs



THINGS TO COME is the debut album of Milton Suggs as a leader. As such, it is a representation of just a small fraction of the relatively few experiences, lessons learned, and people encountered in life thus far.

THINGS TO COME also represents some of the directions that you can expect to see Milton take musically in the future. Included in this album are mostly original compositions of various styles. However, it also contains arrangements of standards such as ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT; songs of relevance to American and African-American history such as WE SHALL OVERCOME and LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING; and jazz standards with original lyrics and vocalese in the tradition of giants like Eddie Jefferson and Jon Hendricks; tunes such as YOUR SMILE, which includes original lyrics to a Charlie Parker solo on Ray Noble’s CHEROKEE, and FANTASY FOR TWO (based on Cedar Walton’s UGETSU).

With an eclectic blend of various elements, this album is accessible to the many different types of listeners out there.


released September 28, 2010

℗&© 2010 Skiptone Music
All rights reserved.

Recorded at Soundmine Studios in Chicago, IL Nov 14, 2009 and Dec 6 & 7 2009
Engineered & mixed by Dennis Tousanna of Absolute Audio Inc.
Mastered by Dan Stout of Colossal Mastering
Photography by John Broughton.
Designed by Chad Hutchins

Milton Suggs – Vocals
Sarah Marie Young - Vocals (track 8)
Marquis Hill – Trumpet
Christopher McBride – Alto Sax (tracks 1, 2, 12, 13)
Patrick Terbrack – Alto Sax (tracks 3-6, 10)
Vincent Gardner – Trombone (tracks 4 &10)
Larry Brown, Jr. – Guitar (tracks 2 & 8)
Greg Spero – Organ (track 8)
Willerm Delisfort – Piano (tracks 1-3, 5-9, 11-13)
Adrian Ruiz – Piano (tracks 4 & 10)
Patrick Mulcahy – Bass (tracks 1-3, 5-9, 11-13)
Nathan Brown – Bass (tracks 4 & 10)
Makaya McCraven – Drums (tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 11-13)
Marcus Evans – Drums (3-6, 9, 10)


all rights reserved


Track Name: My Last Goodbye
I’ve come to realize no matter how I try
You can’t be satisfied.
Because we’re miles apart and your broken heart
Can’t be fixed overnight
And when its said and done and our race is won
I know I’ll be alright
Without the drama you bring to my life

And when it all falls down and I can’t be found
You’ll wonder who’s to blame
But when we point the finger hurt still lingers
And it don’t ease the pain
So just remember this, my last words of wisdom
Unless you make a change
You’ll find that your results remain the same

And though we’re always off and on
We both know the spark is gone
So I’ll take the first step towards my moving on
And say my last goodbye…

And though I can't deny the way I feel inside
makes me not want to leave
the longer that it takes for me to walk away
the harder it will be
So we must face our fears and wipe away the tears
and know eventually that this will be a distant memory

And despite temptation, all communication
Must come to an end
‘Cause when I hear your voice, my heart has no choice
But to start up again
And it’s a matter of fact, for us there’s no going back
Because we’ve reached the end
and there’s no point in us remaining friends

What we want, we didn’t get
But what we got was for the best
So I’ll take all that was good and leave the rest
And say my last goodbye
Track Name: Fantasy For Two
Just come with me
And you will see that we will be
All alone in our own fantasy
Take my hand in this land
I’ll show you how to
Dream again
And see this world through a new lens
You will find there’s no time to pretend
Because with you all dreams come true
Yes they do, let’s pursue
This fantasy for two

In your darkest hour I’ll be here for you.
There’s no need to fear, surely every tear will disappear
Winter, spring, or summer I won’t let you fall;
A love like ours can conquer it all.
There is no valley low or mountain tall could possibly keep me from your call
I’ll bear it all to be by your side loving you constantly.

Place your hand in mine, hold on tight, close your eyes, prepare to fly
This experience will be a dream to dream a sight to see, if you believe we can do anything.
Bring your heart, free your mind, as we depart, leave all of your worries behind.
I promise that you won’t regret it.

Ready, set, and here we go. Feel free to take it slow ‘cause we cannot grow old
Long as we’re together.
Time can pass us by, despite the weather
I believe a love as strong as ours will never die.
Open up your eyes.

Take a look and see it, and breathe it, reach out and touch, believe it.
All this and more that you wish for be sure you will receive it.
As the light of dawn arrives when night moves on all darkness will be

And you’ll be the one;
The first and the last for me.
The only one I’ll ever need
If there should be something that would ever try
to defeat or to deny happiness that’s meant for you and I
I’ll never let it through.

I would fight¬ and die for you
Give my life, its true
All this because I’m in love with you
I want to make you happy and if you are satisfied with our life then so am I.

I anticipate ‘cause I can’t wait to see just what the future brings,
New melodies to play and songs to sing.
Devine energy will be flowing
We’ll keep growing,
Clearly showing,
Feeling, knowing
We’re in love
And it’s everlasting.

And as we journey toward eternity
Always look ahead, feel the present moment, and remember the beginning
Recognize the love that’s guiding whatever we do
Anywhere that we go
Remaining true
We’ll never know
Conquer the world together we will live forever
In a fantasy for two.
Track Name: Seize the Moment
If you ask the question
Just say what’s on your mind
And in time you will find the answer
Life will be divine.

There’s a hidden lesson
In every life mistake that we make
so locate the reason and you’ll find the rhyme
Now don’t let this moment slip away
Just say the things that your heart longs to say
Don’t be afraid
Decisions must be made so get up and seize the day

With no hesitation
Take up the pursuit of the truth
That lies deep within you
And you’ll be just fine
Track Name: Not Forgotten
There are times when I see you
When I feel you drawing near
In those moments
I’m reminded of the way things were
When you were here

With each tear there is comfort
For I understand you’re still in my mind
With each thought of you
I’ll find my way through
Through the darkness into the light

Though you may not be here in the physical
Though you may have passed away
I know that you can never really die
If I keep you alive in my memory

Gone away is my sorrow
For tomorrow is a brand new day
When the sun shines
That’s when I’ll find
I can feel you in a brand new way
Track Name: 'Cuz I'm In Love With You (feat. Sarah Marie Young)
‘Cuz I’m In Love with You
I’ll be there when you call
Support you off balance
Catch you should you fall
Every trial, every challenge,
I’ll be there through it all
There’s no problem that’s too great that we can’t

'Cuz I'm In Love With You
I’ve seen things I’ve never known
I’ve seen my reflection
that your love’s mirror has shown
I will strive for perfection
For your sake and my own
As the time passes by you will find that we have grown…
‘Cuz I’m In Love With You

‘Cuz I’m in Love with you…
Life will never be the same
You’ve shown me new horizons
How to undo years of pain
Your voice has been my sunlight
It evaporates the rain
Makes my heart melt just to hear you speak my name…

‘Cuz I’m In Love With You
I understand certain things
The comfort of your presence
the happiness it brings
the feel of your essence
causes my soul to sing
all my fears disappear when you’re here
let freedom ring…

‘Cuz I’m in love with you…
I see possibilities
I love all that you are
And all that you can be
There’s no limit to how far
We may go on this journey
Every step that we take we will make it faithfully…

‘Cuz I’m in love with you
When my life is in review
I’ll look back on what we had
And see how we made it through
And I will feel no sadness because
All along I knew
That with God on our side there is nothing we can’t do
‘Cuz I’m In Love With You…

…’Cuz I’m in love with you.
Track Name: JL's Blues (Ev'ry Night and Ev'ry Day) [feat. Vincent Gardner]
Baby just tell me what to do so I can please you
I want you to know how I feel
Baby just tell me what to do and I won’t tease you
I’ll do anything to show you this love is real
Better believe that you’ll receive everything I have been designed to give you soon
I’m in love with you
If you’ve ever felt it otherwise you’ll be corrected tenderly tonight.
So just close your eyes and baby listen close

No feeling low down and blue
I never knew a woman could make me do
so many of the things that I would do
Until I met you
Praising the day you came and you traveled past my way
And I’ll do anything on this earth if it guarantees that you will stay
Giving immeasurable pleasure ev’ry little possible way
So when its time let me inside and then you’ll find
You’ll never be denied and never be left unsatisfied
I’ll treat you right for life ev’ry night and ev’ry day.

-1st Chorus
When lights are turned down low
No place for us to go
We’re taking our time
Moving so slow
You’re standing here we
See everything clearly
Embracing this moment without fear
Comfortable silence fills our ears making it clear why we are here gravity seems to draw us near
How can we resist this temptation?
It’s time to embrace it
This lovely feeling that invades our atmosphere

-2nd chorus
Confess your deepest wishes
The truth is sure to set you free
Open your senses
For what I provide you’ll need all five in their totality
Starting it out by traveling slow
Down from head to toe
Exploring without haste your ev’ry trace
and ev’ry place there is to go
Temperatures rising
But there’s a whole lot more
Left in store
As I explore
Yes you can be sure
That the very best is yet to come
When I am done
Heat will compete with the sun

-3rd Chorus
Try to be patient
With all the I’m taking
Making ev’ry touch a serenade
Kissing your tension away
Climbing the heights to find your
ultimate source of pleasure
With ev’ry breath you take you’re giving it all away
Elevating heart is racing with speed
Say what you need
I hold the key
To unlock your passion
Taking appropriate action
For your satisfaction
Guaranteed, It’s gonna be, a sight to see,
for you and me, physically

-4th Chorus
Baby, baby say exactly how you’re feeling
I’ll be sure to give you just what you need
Feels so right you cannot fight this energy that we’re building
And I will take it, escalate it, make it difficult if you should try to speak
So just scream out
We’ll zip it, we will dip it
We will rip it, we will tip it
We will flip it, we will whip it
We will ride and glide and be so satisfied
The trip will be so very fine
Riding on my rocket 69
So get ready for the ignition
We’re gonna discover inner space
Continue climbing higher
Flame burns brighter

-5th Chorus
Grip it tighter
Fuel the internal fire
Ride the ride so deep inside its sure to blow your mind
As I turn up the heat
Feels so good I know it makes you wanna
scream my name
And I can feel your body shake
Making no mistake
I’m prepared to give and take you to another place
Beyond comprehension
And just in case I failed to mention
I’ll take your breath your away
all through the night until the day
Track Name: Your Smile
A breath of heaven finds its way into my heart each time you smile
Reintroducing new sensations I have not felt for a while

My heart is racing, pacing my imagination’s running wild
Anxiously waiting for the presence of your smile

Just like a dream you came to me
Gave me your love and set me free.
I know that we were meant to be
Was blind but now I see!

Infatuation, elevation, takes me to another height
Out of the darkness for your love showed me the light

Sweet revelation
One summer morning
When without warning
You came my way
Knowing there was nothing I could

Do to prepare
For all the beauty that surrounded me was truly quite astounding and I knew
That I would ne¬ver be able to stand a chance against the magic that you weave
as you can see I’m offering no resistance.
Surrender all of my control, with heart and mind,
and body, soul
where love will lead I’ll be sure to follow

Away with the same old, same old every day
I now can say
And how I welcome in all the lovely new sensations that are now beginning to come my way
I realize from gray skies I’ve arrived
Stepped into the light forever shining bright
and I’m feeling so alive.
As soon as the night descends the day will end
and I’m pretending to hide all my excitement

I can’t wait, to awake, every day
knowing that every single time
Only the thought of seeing you is on my mind.
My single desire is to be right be your side and
I’m so happy that I’ve finally made you mine
Together we’re sure to keep on moving higher
No matter what the weather just as sure as you smile
The sun will shine.
Track Name: And I'll Stay
As we wait for the dawn to appear
Our silence will speak for our love
The life we lived in the course of a year
Could rival heaven above

Before the sun begins to rise
Take a breath and close your eyes

And I’ll stay
Through the darkness of the night
I’ll be like the light of day
‘Til the morning comes

When the rain
Falls out of the sky
I will help you find your way
Till you see the sun again.

While I understand that the hand we were dealt
Was less than we hoped to receive
The time we had, the love that we felt
Was more than enough for me.

If your happiness should fade
I’ll never be too far away

And I’ll stay
Through the darkness of the night
I’ll be like the light of day
‘Til the morning comes

When the rain
Falls out of the sky
I will help you find your way
Till you see the sun again.
Track Name: Hope
A voice cuts through the night
Telling you things will be alright
So don’t give up the fight
Open your eyes you will find you are never alone

Searching for inner peace
Hop to achieve that sweet release
So all your troubles cease
Look deep inside and you’ll find you are never alone

Even the darkest of all nights
Could never hide a spark of light
Pray for better days
Take a leap of faith
Live your life

As night time turns to day
You feel your problems fade away
So it will be okay
Open your eyes you will find you were never alone